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4 Inventions & 8 Fascinating Product Designs!

These are the current BO 2 BO products range, and they are set to expand even further in years to come. It is said by research scientists that a child will smile, laugh and giggle for up to 400 times a day. It is the mission of BO 2 BO to strive to make each child enjoy their share of laughter and giggles with the current patents pending inventions. If it were within the very modest powers of BO 2 BO ltd, not a single child will be so unfortunate as to spend a day in a hospital bed. We would rather that every child is up and about, full of beans as it were, and fun-lovingly embracing the joyous things in life,...laughing, giggling, and at times, being reasonably naughty! Nevertheless, we expect that the BO 2 BO products will be sufficiently spellbinding, and undoubtedly bring huge bright smiles to the pretty faces of children from all over the world, and indeed to the bright faces of parents and adults. The captivating leisure and lifestyle inventive products from BO 2 BO will indeed compel us all to embrace the joys of the active life, outdoors in the fresh air with sheer exuberance, as a result of their inherent health and fitness attributes.