2010 Beach of the Dead Promo Flyer/Poster

This is the first flyer for the forth coming Beach of the Dead Zombie walk through Brighton at Halloween. There will be more over the next 8 months.

The previous walk in 2009 was such a success I wanted to try and capture a reminder of the past one to hype up the next - hence the choice of zombie. This get up by Andy Lambert was a favorite of many and very iconic, featuring in many photos and newspaper articles. Including my own photos in the photography section. You can see who really sticks out in the crowd...

The idea of a zombie popping out of the ground is pretty typical but it captures the whole event with him emerging from the stones on the beach which is clearly that of Brighton.

My intention is that people will recognise him and get to reminiscing on last year and excited about the next.

For this I did the art direction, photography, editing and design. Andy Lambert did the Zombie outfit and makeup himself and suffered the shoot in the freezing cold during February with many onlookers. I was assisted by Chris Macca.

More up to date info can be found on the Beach of the Dead Facebook group