My inspiration for this was to do a poster in a similar style to Storm Thorgerson, this Eames video and an American Psychedelic poster I have which is looking like a relic. I wanted to make it appear to be possible to have been made at any time from 1967 onwards.

The only things that can pin it to a time period would be the white gelcoat on the fibreglass of the boats in the background and the photo of Earth from the surface of the moon. Therefore making it only possible to have been post 1969 since the moon landing postdates fibreglass.

It could plausibly be from anytime after 1970 but I wanted it to appear as a long lost poster. I added a rough paper texture to the top of the final image then made the image fit the distortions of the paper for added realism. The difference between the clean and rough image is quite apparent.

The image shows parallels between the earth and the sky in various forms within the triangle, starting at a beach and going behind the clouds to eventually view earth as a planet, so as to be looking out from the inside. The triangle layers were measured using Phi ratios to make the composition feel more natural, despite being impossible.